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GDH Delivery Info



➢ Hand carried deliveries can arrive Monday 21st October directly to the venue during set up hours.
➢ Any deliveries either arriving before Monday or not possible to hand carry MUST be shipped to the advanced warehouse and stored with CEVA for a fee, they will deliver any stored items Monday in preparation for set up.
➢ Please note the hotel are not insured to move any heavy deliveries & cannot assist with customs clearance.
➢ Storage at the hotel is limited, large boxes & cases must be stored by your chosen logistics partner, CEVA offer this service.
➢ Any deliveries being shipped directly to the venue MUST be labelled correctly with the label provided.

➢ CEVA are our official events logistics partner:
• CEVA logistics are our official logistics partner for further information contact Mitchell –
• IMPORTANT – if you are shipping to the warehouse via a courier (Fedex, TNT, DHL etc) CEVA Logistics must be made aware of this before the goods are shipped. Failure to do this will incur intervention fees at £225 per shipment not including customs clearance, importer of record, duties & taxes or any onsite handling.
• If you require any empty cases, boxes or pallets to be stored during the show CEVA can collect, store & return during official breakdown