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Valentin Ivanosk

Colonel Valentin Ivanosk

Head of Military Aviation Authority, Republic of North Macedonia MoD
Colonel Valentin Ivanoski is the Head of Military Aviation Authority at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of North Macedonia. Additionally, he is the Project Manager of the IPT team for the procurement of the new medium transport/utility Helicopter. He assists in providing a full spectrum of professional military training and education, and in acquiring a specialized degree for helicopter pilot candidates at the PTC.

Colonel Ivanoski leads the intellectual and professional department in the Ministry of Defense, responsible for airworthiness, licensing, regulations, procedures and flight safety affairs. Colonel Ivanoski was commissioned upon graduation from the Air Force Academy in 1988 when he also earned his pilot wings. After graduation, he was selected and sent to the instructor pilot course. Following the completion of the course he became instructor pilot at the Air Force Academy. During his professional military education Colonel Ivanoski graduated from the U. S. Air Command and Stuff College, resident course in 1998 at Maxwell Air Force Base, when he was promoted to the rank of major. In 2013, he graduated from the U.S. Army War College resident course where he earned his master’s degree in Strategic Science.

Colonel Ivanoski started his carrier as an instructor pilot. After which he was promoted into Head of Operations and Training in the Air Brigade. He also served as an Intelligence Officer in the Macedonian Air Force HQ. During the Air Campaign over Yugoslavia he served as a Liaison Officer with HQ KFOR, helping to establish NATO National Support Elements in the Republic of Macedonia. In 2003, he was deployed as a Staff Officer in CJTF-7, in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. From 2004 until 2006, he was appointed as Deputy WING Commander. The next phase of his professional military carrier started when he was selected and appointed as a Senior Staff Officer at Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO in Brussels, where he gained valuable political and military experience at the most senior level in the political-military decision making process. He has more than 1500 flying hours on various types of fixed wing aircrafts.

Colonel Ivanoski is married and he lives in the family apartment with his wife and daughter. He actively speaks English, Serbo-Croatian and passively Russian language.