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Sander Cruiming

Major Sander Cruiming

Staff Officer for M&S Knowledge, Innovation and Policy, Royal Netherlands Army

Major Cruiming is responsible for all future capabilities of the Royal Netherlands Army’s land simulation systems. He manages the armies’ Mobile Combat Training Center (MCTC) with
respect to capability development and interoperability with NATO and PfP training partners. Within the Simulation Center for Land Warfare he specialises in Standardisation, Urban
Operations and Manoeuvre Training in both the live and virtual domain. He is the former chairman of the UCATT SISO Product Development Group and the current co- chair of MSG-174 UCATT-LSS2.

Major Cruiming is a graduate of the Dutch Royal Military Academy and has a background in both Mechanized and Air Manoeuvre infantry where he served in several postings as a soldier, NCO and officer, ranging from machine-gunner to company commander. During these postings he has been deployed on mission several times.