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Roman Dufek

Dr Roman Dufek

Head of Interoperability, Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre

Personal Background:
Born: 1968, Zlín, the Czech Republic
Nationality: Czech
Marital Status: Married, 2 daughters
Military Service: 28 years
In rank since October 2008, retired from the military service at the end of 2014

Defence University – Doctor Degree (2012-2017)
US Army Logistics Management College (2002)
Military Academy (1987 - 1991)

Foreign languages:
Czech, Slovak, English, passive - Russian, German, French

Current assignment
MLCC Director Senior Advisor, Head of Standardization and Interoperability Department,
Project Director of the NATO Department Head for Logistics Education and Training.

Military Career
2011 - 2014 NATO International Staff – Defence Planning and Policy Division, Logistics
Capabilities Section – Chief of Logistics Partnership
2011 - Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre - Director
2009 - 2010 Ministry of Defence, Logistics Division, Military Transportation and Logistics
Information Services Department - Head
2008-2009 Ministry of Defence, Logistics Division, Logistics Development and Planning
Branch - Acting Director
2005 – 2008 Czech Delegation to NATO, Brussels - Military Adviser
2002 – 2005 General Staff, Logistics Division - Senior Staff Officer
2001 – 2002 Head Logistics Bureau, International Logistics Cooperation Department - Chief
1999 – 2000 Centre for Logistics Development and Coordination with NATO, Cooperation
with NATO Department - Deputy Chief
1997 – 1999 General Staff, Command and Control Division, Information Systems
Development Branch - Senior Staff Officer
1995 – 1997 Management Centre of Logistics Information System - Staff Officer
1991 – 1995 Air Defence Battery - Officer

Main Achievements:
- Establishment of the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC)
- Development and implementation of the management system for NATO Logistics Education and Training requirements as well as for EU Military Logistics Training
- Development of several NATO Smart Defence projects in Logistics
- Development of various MLCC projects, such as field logistics standardization and interoperability exercise CAPABLE LOGISTICIAN
- Implementation of NATO logistics information systems (LOGFAS) into the Czech Army
- Realisation of significant changes in logistics cooperation with NATO partner nations
- Management of progress in various NATO projects, such as OCC, DCB or DEEP