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René Wellinger

Major General René Wellinger

Commander Land Forces, Swiss Armed Forces, Swiss Armed Forces
Major General Wellinger commands the land forces. He is responsible for the basic and operational readiness of the staffs, brigades and units placed under his command, and reports directly to the Chief of Joint Operations Command. He is in charge of the land forces command battalion, the command, control and technical systems centre unit, and three mechanised brigades. Major General Wellinger is also responsible for the land forces' sphere of operations.
2018 Major General, Commander Land Forces
2014 Commander of the Armour and Artillery Training Unit
2012 Brigadier General, Commander of Armoured Brigade 11
2011 GS officer assigned to a commander of an armoured brigade
2008 Chief of Staff in an armoured brigade
2006 Colonel GS, chief of operations in a territorial region staff
2004 Chief intelligence officer in an armoured brigade staff
2001 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of an infantry battalion
1999 Major GS, officer in a field division staff
1995 Captain, commander of an artillery battery