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Pierre-Alain Goujard

Lieutenant Colonel Pierre-Alain Goujard

H160M Program Manager, French Army Aviation

Pierre-Alain Goujard has dedicated 20 years to rotary wing aviation, seamlessly combining seasoned professionalism with dynamic leadership.

Graduating from Saint-Cyr Military Academy in 2004, he joined the Army Aviation and underwent rigorous training on Gazelle, Puma, and Squirrel helicopters, earning his military pilot wings. His service with the 3rd and 1st Combat Helicopter Battalion spans ten tours of duty, where he served as a pilot, aircraft commander, and company commander. His operational footprint includes pivotal interventions in Kosovo, Chad, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Somalia, and the Gulf of Guinea.

Noteworthy achievements in his career include the role of Flight Safety Officer for the Army Aviation Brigade, concurrently serving as the officer in charge of the Combined Joint Task Force - a collaborative effort to shape common tactics, techniques, and procedures between France and Britain. A stint in NATO HQ's operations division further enriched his understanding of global security dynamics before his tenure at the French War College in 2015 and the French Civil Aviation School in 2016. Pierre-Alain's academic achievements are highlighted by winning the first prize in an international aviation award for his thesis on the digitalization of aviation.

Pierre-Alain then assumes command of the Counter-terror Helicopter Task Force within the Special Forces Army Aviation Regiment. During six operational missions, he serves as the Air Mission Commander alongside elite units such as RAID and GIGN, handling situations ranging from hostage crises to terrorist attacks. Dynamic partnerships forged with the FBI Tactical Helicopter Unit and the British 658th Squadron, Army Air Corps, underscore his collaborative leadership.

Transitioning to the role of Programme Officer for the H160M, Pierre-Alain represents the Army in a €10 billion contract for 169 airframes. His four-year tenure sees him flying on every type of helicopter in the French Army Aviation, accumulating a career total of over 2,000 flight hours. Actively engaged in all facets of military helicopter procurement, he becomes a prominent figure at key industry events, including Eurosatory, Paris Air Show, and the Global Defence Helicopter.

Retiring at the age of 42 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, Pierre-Alain Goujard takes on the role of Rotary Wing Programme Manager at Helsing, an artificial intelligence company specializing in onboard AI systems for defence platforms. His transition reflects a commitment to driving innovation and advancing the intersection of military aviation and cutting-edge technology. He is regularly invited to national TV news, speaks at various conferences, and leads the Helicopter Operations major at a prestigious aviation engineering school