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Mindaugas Gvildys

Major Mindaugas Gvildys

MILENG Senior Officer, Lithuanian Armed Forces

2. LTU Deffence staff senior engineer officer. Responsible for all engineer programmes within LTU armed forces. Most current Countermobility working group, with government and other civilian institutions, to organise peace time countermobility preparation and engineer recourse parks establishment. 3. All 3 Baltic countries, DEU, US, Poland, Finland, MNC-NE. 4. Countermobility is the key interest, also mobility, survivability and other ENG functions. 5. For the moment I don‘t have any specific interest, would like to have more companies presenting countermobility solutions, mines etc. 6. Mines, Engineer Boxers, Engineer resource parks, peace time countermobility solutions. 7. As far as I know from our buying agency there are money, but there is an issue to buy. 8. The only picture I have in my work station, if it is OK? Short bio: Ø Born in 1983, have 2 sons. Ø 2001-2005 LTU Military academy Ø 2005-2008 LTU Juozas Vitkus Engineer battalion, platoon COM Ø 2008-2009 ENG BN Combat ENG company 2IC; Ø 2009-2011 ENG BN HQ S3 operations officer; Ø 2011 deployment to AFG – RCW JENG Mobility chief; Ø 2011-2014 ENG BN Combat Eng coy COM Ø 2014 – US Engineer Captain Career course; Ø 2014-2017 Iron Wolf BDE G3 ENG officer; Ø 2017-2019 ENG BN chief S3 Ø 2019-2022 Land Forces Juozas Luksa training center chief Engineer courses Ø 2022-current - Lithuanian deffence staff J3 operations, Joint force protection branch, senior engineer officer.