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Logan Mullaney

Logan Mullaney

President, InQuik

Logan is an experienced business leader and inventor with a unique background in the construction industry. As President of InQuik USA, Logan draws on his extensive experience as Managing Director of InQuik Australia, where he co-invented elements of the patented construction system alongside his Father and Uncle. Leading a team of just three people in 2017, Logan has since built the business alongside his brother, Ben, to a team of over 100 direct and indirect staff, with operations in Australia and the USA.

With a wealth of experience building bridges and structures around the world and contributing to numerous University research projects on the InQuik System, Logan has a great depth of knowledge in bridge construction and engineering. Despite not being formally trained as an engineer, Logan has a remarkable understanding of the industry and has played a pivotal role in the commercialisation and development of the InQuik System since its inception in 2014.

Logan is based in Boulder Colorado with his wife and two children, and leads the US team, as they grow across the country.