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Christian Guntsch

Colonel Christian Guntsch

Advisor of the Air Chief for CH-47F, German Air Force
Colonel (GS) Christian Guntsch
Personal data:
Date of birth: 18 Mai 1970
Place of birth: Porz am Rhein / NRW / Germany
Military career:
1990 Air Force Academy, Fürstenfeldbruck
1991 – 1994 Study of aerospace engineering at the Bundeswehr University Munich,
Master’s degree in aerospace engineering
1995 – 1996 Air Operations Officer, Special Mission Wing Cologne
1996 – 1997 Flight training IERW in Ft. Rucker/AL, USA
1998 – 1999 Flight training UH-1, Air Transport Wing 62 in Diepholz
1999 – 2000 UH-1 pilot and operations officer in Nörvenich (Special Mission Wing Cologne and
Air Transport Wing 61)
2000 – 2004 OT&E Specialist, German Air Force Command in Cologne
2003 Staff Officer Course, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Hamburg
2004 – 2005 UH-1 pilot and operations staff officer in Nörvenich (Air Transport Wing 61)
2005 – 2007 Squadron Commander UH-1, Air Transport Wing 63 in Hohn
2007 – 2010 OT&E Specialist, German Air Force Forces Command in Cologne
2010 – 2012 Air Force Helicopter Operations, German Federal Ministry of Defence in Bonn
2013 – 2016 Branch Head Helicopter Operations, German Air Force Forces Command in Cologne
2016 – 2017 Commander Flying Group, Special Mission Wing Cologne (AS-532 COUGAR)
2017 – 2020 Department Head Air Transport, German Air Force Forces Command in Cologne
2020 - 2022 Branch Head Mission Control, European Air Transport Command in Eindhoven,
the Netherlands
Jan 2023 Representative of the Air Chief for CH-47, German Air Force Headquarters in Cologne
Missions deployed:
Nov 2006 - Feb 2007 Deployment to KFOR, Squadron Leader Flight Operations
Flying Hours:
Approximately 2,100 flying hours – including 1,800 flying hours on UH-1 and 300 flying hours on
Major Awards and Decorations:
NATO and German Medal for KFOR
German Cross of Honor
German Medals for Flood Rescue