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Chris Middleton

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Middleton

Staff Officer – Joint Engineer Branch, NATO JFCBS Brunssum

Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Middleton joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1994 and completed training as a Combat Engineer officer in the Regular force. Posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment for his first tour in 1999, he served as both a Field and a Support Troop commander in garrison and commanded an Engineer Reconnaissance Detachment while deployed to Kosovo in 1999-2000. His next posting was to 1 Engineer Support Unit, a high-readiness unit where he served as the unit’s Mechanical Design Officer and the Engineering Squadron’s Second-in-Command. He also deployed on three separate occasions between 2003 and 2008 to lead Specialist Engineer Teams managing construction projects in Afghanistan.

Relocating to Ottawa later in 2008, he worked as a staff officer in the Canadian Army HQ supporting the Army’s capital infrastructure construction programme. In 2011, he was re-assigned to Canadian Forces Base Petawawa as the Base Construction Engineering Officer, responsible for all infrastructure maintenance, repair, planning, and construction management on Base. In 2013, he was selected to be the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Base Construction Engineering Unit for Canadian Forces Base Halifax, Canada’s largest Navy base. Remaining in Halifax, he assumed new duties in 2015 as the G5 for 5 th Canadian Division HQ for a year before being appointed Commanding Officer of Real Property Operations Unit (Atlantic), a newly-formed unit in Halifax responsible for all Army, Navy, and Air Force infrastructure on the entirety of Canada’s east coast.

At the end of his CO tour, he returned to Canadian Army HQ in Ottawa to serve as the Director of Army Infrastructure. He was relocated again in 2020 to serve in his present position as the Staff Officer Operations, Mobility and Manoeuver in the Joint Engineer Division of Joint Forces Command Brunssum.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University and a master’s degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, both in mechanical engineering. His wife and nearly 8-year-old son are looking forward to relocating back to Canada this summer.