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Bouzoukos Panagiotis HAF

Lieutenant Colonel Bouzoukos Panagiotis HAF

Training and Exercise Branch Head, NATO Special Operations HQ
LTC Panagiotis BOUZOUKOS (GRC, Army Aviation), Education & Doctrine Division
Air Development Directorate (ADD) / Air Doctrine & Standards Branch Head

Lieutenant Colonel Bouzoukos Panagiotis, has been assigned to NSHQ since 08 August, 2022.

He entered the Military Academy in 1994 and graduated with honors as an Army Aviation Second Lieutenant in 1998. He was trained as UH-1H and CH-47 pilot, and served since then, as a Platoon and Company Leader, Battalion staff officer and Deputy Commander. He is also CH47D Instructor and Maintenance Test Pilot. He had been deployed as aircrew member to KFOR (2002) and EUFOR/Bosnia (2005), and served as Aide de Camp of the Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff (2016-2017). His last assignment was a 2-year tour as an Army Aviation Battalion Commander until July 2022.

He is a Supreme Joint War College graduate (2019-20) and holds a Masters in Aviation Safety and Human Factors from Cranfield University, UK (2018-19) and also in International Affairs and Governance from the University of Athens, GRC (2014-15). He speaks English, German and Turkish (basic knowledge).

LTC Bouzoukos, is married to Fani Lazandrea and have a 14-year old son. He currently lives in Casteau, Belgium, with his son. LTC Bouzoukos enjoys all kinds of sport, in particular basketball and long distance running. He also enjoys reading history books, watching TV series and spending time with his family.