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12 Jan 2024

UK Sending 'Strong Signal' of Support for Ukraine with 2.5bn GBP Military Aid Package (VIDEO)

UK Sending 'Strong Signal' of Support for Ukraine with 2.5bn GBP Military Aid Package (VIDEO)
Screenshot from Video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have signed a historic UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation. G7 nations agreed to provide Ukraine with security assurances at the NATO Summit in Vilnius last year. 

Source: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Telegram Channel 



UK Government Press Release 

The UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation formalises a range of support the UK has been and will continue to provide for Ukraine’s security, including intelligence sharing, cyber security, medical and military training, and defence industrial cooperation. 

It also commits the UK to consult with Ukraine in the event it is ever attacked by Russia again, and to provide “swift and sustained” assistance for their defence. 

Ahead of meeting President Zelenskyy, Rishi Sunak has also confirmed the UK will provide £2.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2024/25, an increase of £200 million on the previous two years. 

The funding will help to leverage the best of UK military expertise and defence production to ensure Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield, including in critical areas like long-range missiles, air defence, artillery ammunition and maritime security. 

Of the £2.5 billion, at least £200 million will be spent on a major push to rapidly procure and produce thousands of military drones for Ukraine, including surveillance, long-range strike and sea drones. The technology will give Ukraine cutting edge, battle-tested capabilities to defend their citizens and target the invading Russian forces on land and sea. 

This will be the largest delivery of drones to Ukraine from any nation. Most of the drones are expected to be manufactured in the UK, and the Ministry of Defence will work with international partners to significantly scale up the number of drones provided for Ukraine’s defence. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

"For two years, Ukraine has fought with great courage to repel a brutal Russian invasion. They are still fighting, unfaltering in their determination to defend their country and defend the principles of freedom and democracy. 

"I am here today with one message: the UK will also not falter. We will stand with Ukraine, in their darkest hours and in the better times to come."

“The UK is already one of Ukraine’s closest partners, because we recognise their security is our security. Today we are going further - increasing our military aid, delivering thousands of cutting-edge drones, and signing a historic new Security Agreement to provide Ukraine with the assurances it needs for the long term.”

During his visit to Kyiv, the Prime Minister is expected to meet emergency workers responding to the aftermath of Russian airstrikes. He will announce a further £18 million in aid for Ukraine, building on almost £340 million already provided. Some of that funding will support organisations like the UN and Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid on the frontline, and £8 million will go to fortify Ukraine’s energy infrastructure against further Russian attacks. 

As part of efforts to cement the close bond between our two nations and Ukraine’s place at the heart of Europe, the UK will also provide additional funding and resources for English language training in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian Government has proposed legislation to promote English in Ukraine, boosting economic competitiveness and diplomatic ties. Today’s announcement will see the UK fund online English lessons for Ukrainians of all ages, as well as providing resources and teacher training.

Today’s visit builds on months of direct diplomacy between the Prime Minister and President Zelenskyy, as well as a world-leading record of UK military, diplomatic and economic support for Ukraine. With this latest funding, the UK has now provided almost £12 billion in support to Ukraine and has often been the first-mover on vital lethal aid, from Storm Shadow cruise missiles to a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks.

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