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29 May 2024

Sweden Will Provide $1.23 billion in Military Aid to Ukraine

Sweden Will Provide $1.23 billion in Military Aid to Ukraine
Source: Sweden's Ministry of Defence

The Swedish government has announced it will donate 13 billion kronor ($1.23 billion) in military aid to Ukraine in the largest support package Sweden has donated since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Sweden will send Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft (ASC 890) to Ukraine and thus strengthen its air defence capability. Ukraine’s capability to identify and engage targets at long range will be strengthened. The package will also include a holistic solution that involves training, technical equipment and methodological support for air surveillance and command and control. 

To further strengthen Ukraine’s air defence, the support package will also include the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (RB 99-AMRAAM), which can be used on aircraft and in ground-based air defence systems. The missiles will be redesigned to suit ground-based anti-aircraft systems. Meanwhile, Sweden will purchase new missiles to replace the donated ones. This is according to Sweden's Ministry of Defence press release. 

Sweden will donate its entire stock of armoured tracked personnel carriers (PBV 302) to support the reconstruction of new Ukrainian brigades. Sweden will also donate artillery ammunition and resources for maintenance of previously donated materiel. 


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