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20 Feb 2024

Sweden Announces Largest Support Package for Ukraine Yet

Sweden Announces Largest Support Package for Ukraine Yet
Swedish Defence Minister
From Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson's Social Media

Today Sweden announced the largest support package to Ukraine yet. Package 15 will be worth 7,1 billion SEK (~$683 mln), bringing Swedish combined value of military assistance to Ukraine to 30 billion SEK. (~$2,9 bln). Continuing support is crucial for both Ukraine's and Swedish security. 

This support package meets some of Ukraine's most pressing needs and is in line with the military capability coalitions that are taking shape within the Ukraine Defence Contact Group.

Sweden will donate more artillery ammunition, air defence system RBS70, anti-tank missiles (TOW), hand grenades and Carl Gustaf grenade launchers. Sweden will also donate medical supplies and economic aid to funds for the procurement of more weapons to Ukraine.

Furthermore, Sweden will support Ukraine with 10 CB 90 (Combat Boat 90), 20 group boats and underwater weapons. Sweden will by these donations also join the maritime coalition. Sweden is already a member of the drone, demining, airforce and armour coalition.

As global military stocks dwindle we will focus more on donations. This aid package will add ~1 billion SEK to the Swedish-Danish joint procurement of CV 90s to Ukraine. This means that Sweden and Denmark will jointly invest 4 billion SEK (~385mln USD) towards this goal.

Russia's war on Ukraine is also a war against the rules-based order. Ukraine is not only defending its own freedom but that of all of Europe. Sweden will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. Russia cannot be allowed to win this war. 


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