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04 Apr 2023

SPEE3D Will Work With British Army To Develop Their Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

SPEE3D Will Work With British Army To Develop Their Additive Manufacturing Capabilities
Image: SPEE3D
SPEE3D Press Release

The British Army to Purchase New XSPEE3D Printer to further Develop AM Capabilities Along with Ongoing Support from SPEE3D.

We are pleased to announce that the British Army will acquire our cold-spray metal 3D printing technology to help develop the British Army’s unplanned repair capabilities. In addition to purchasing the XSPEE3D printerwhich we launched last year at Land Forces, the British Army has signed a two-year contract to work with SPEE3D, which will involve delivering training courses, and working closely with the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

The XSPEE3D Metal 3D Printer acquired by the British Army. The XSPEE3D was announced last year during Land Forces where MTC, UK Manufacturing Technology Centre, was announced as the first customer for the XSPEE3D.

When examining additive manufacturing solutions, defence requires technology that can quickly produce parts from well-known metal alloys to address real-time needs and in the field where Defence forces are typically located. XSPEE3D is a leading solution in the market that addresses these requirements. The printer is fully transportable as a standard shipping container with the printer and all auxiliary equipment in one box and provides on-demand manufacturing, critical for deployed troops maximising availability and minimising downtime. With SPEE3D technology, parts can be manufactured and finished in just hours instead of days for any vehicle and platform, from a wide range of materials, including aluminium 6061, aluminium bronze, and copper.

“We are excited to be invited by the British Army to work closely together and bring our latest printer XSPEE3D to the field, offering a deployable and easy-to-use solution. Working together with defence worldwide, we have explored the impact of additive manufacturing to solve real supply chain problems by printing critical parts on demand and in rough conditions. We look forward to growing our relationship with the British Army. We thank them for trusting us as their partner in this journey.” – Byron Kennedy, Co-Founder and CEO of SPEE3D

“The British Army chose to work with SPEE3D based on their successful track record of partnering with defence forces worldwide to provide the latest additive manufacturing solutions. We are proud to be a forward-thinking organization and are always exploring the latest technologies to solve the military’s most pressing supply chain issues, which SPEE3D’s technology helps us to solve.” – Lieutenant Colonel Davidson Reith, British Army.

We have been an an ardent supporter of strengthening the internal manufacturing capabilities of military forces worldwide. For example, most recently we partnered with the British Army as part of the US Army’s Project Convergence program to demonstrate the impact that our patented cold-spray technology can have on military supply chains. In the field, the British Army and SPEE3D team were able to print critical replacement parts in just minutes or hours, before these parts were post-processed and put to use for various armoured vehicles at Fort Irwin throughout the exercise. We have also worked with the U.S. Navy, taking part in their REPTX exercise to test WarpSPEE3D’s deployable capabilities to print maritime military parts on demand and in various port and sea conditions. As well as have closely worked with the Australian Army on several projects over several years to test and validate metal 3D printing as a military capability for the field – taking the WarpSPEE3D thousands of kilometres into the harsh bushland of the remote Northern Territory, as part of exercise Koolendong.

To learn more about our work with Defence, explore our website, or contact us directly at

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