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11 Apr 2024

Spain Deploys Fighters to NATO Air Shielding in Romania

Spain Deploys Fighters to NATO Air Shielding in Romania
NATO Image
NATO Allied Air Command

Five Spanish Eurofighters and a roughly 60–strong support detachment joined NATO’s Air Shielding mission performing training and deterrence flights from Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base on Romania’s Black Sea coast.

“Our detachment dubbed PAZNIC arrived here on April 8, and for two weeks we are integrating with our Allies to fly alongside them in the coming two weeks,” said the Spanish Detachment Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Victor Garrido. “During this time we augment NATO’s defensive posture along the eastern flank firmly embedded in the air and missile defence arrangements,” he added.

NATO’s Air Shielding mission provides for an increase in the air and missile defence posture along the eastern flank. This mission includes additional national force contributions including Allied fighter squadrons – like the Spanish Eurofighters – and Surface-Based Air and Missile Defence units – like the French MAMBA system in Romania.

”We conduct this deployment by Agile Combat Employment (ACE) procedures. This expeditionary organization with limited support staff is leaning heavily on the Host Base support and cooperation with the RAF Typhoon team deployed here. It provides valuable experience to the Spanish Air Force in the field of the Agile Combat Employment concept,” he added.

The Air Shielding mission enhances the shielding of NATO territory against air and missile threats, assures Allied population, improves readiness of NATO units and ensures they are ready to defence NATO territory if needed.

ACE is an operational scheme of manoeuvre designed to improve resilience and survivability while generating air combat power from both home bases and geographically dispersed locations. Conducting an ACE requires a flexible, well prepared and coordinated approach by the deploying force and the receiving base.


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