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26 Apr 2024

Red Cat Announces Deal with Sentien Robotics UAS Hive for Land, Air, and Sea Drone Swarming Operations

Red Cat Announces Deal with Sentien Robotics UAS Hive for Land, Air, and Sea Drone Swarming Operations
Red Cat
Red Cat Press Release

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a drone technology company integrating robotic hardware and software for military, government, and commercial operations, announces a partnership with Sentien Robotics, a leader in autonomous drone fleet logistics. The partnership will enable organizations using Sentien’s Hive UAS management platforms to deploy Teal Drones as part of a larger autonomous drone swarming strategy for mobile and fixed-position land, air, and sea defense and security operations.

The partnership between Red Cat and Sentien Robotics will enable the companies to provide warfighters with the ability for continuous uninterrupted reconnaissance on enemy targets with drone swarms. Red Cat’s Teal Drones recently successfully passed electronic warfare (EW) testing in Ukraine against some of the most powerful EW counter UAV technology, and these battlefield-tested drones, coupled with Sentien’s fleet handling capabilities, give warfighters tools and technology they have never had access to before.

“New technology is dramatically changing the nature of warfare, and those who can integrate defensive and offensive assets across multiple domains and rapidly deploy those capabilities against adversarial targets will gain tactical superiority,” said George Matus, Red Cat CTO. “This agreement with Sentien is a major step toward the autonomous deployment and control of drone swarms from anywhere that can map, surveil and neutralize targets where speed of data and lethal response across a network of connected systems are critical to modern combat teams.”

Red Cat’s agreement with Sentien Robotics and integration with its Hive-Expedition and Hive-XL automated UAS fleet transport and launch vehicles adds to its robust tactical ecosystem of partnerships with leading companies to provide the best solutions to clients for their tactical missions. Other Red Cat hardware and software partners include Ocean Power Technologies, Primordial Labs, Tomahawk Robotics, Athena AI, Teledyne FLIR, Reveal Technology, Immervision, and Doodle Labs, which enable capabilities such as computer vision, AI, and third-party apps.

“Our goal with the Hive ecosystem is to enable a continuous, mission ready UAS presence from a single hub where a single operator can deploy and control drones from anywhere,” said Brandon Borko, Sentien Robotics CEO. “We want to provide rapidly scalable drone service areas that can be deployed to critical locations such as security and disaster relief sites. In the future you won’t find a person behind a controller for every single drone. You’re going to have fleets of drones performing tasks, supporting humans on the ground, and they will all be flown from ground automation hardware like the Hive.”

Red Cat subsidiary Teal Drones builds its Teal 2 drone solutions, designed to support U.S. and allied military operations, public safety organizations, and government agencies, at its South Salt Lake facility. Teal 2 is a cost-effective, man-portable sUAS designed to “Dominate the Night™” that has best-in-class night vision, multi-vehicle control support, and a fully modular design. It is both Blue UAS Certified and FAA Remote ID approved.

Sentien Robotics developed the Hive to automate all facets of UAS operation. The Hive features robotics automation hardware and intelligence software to enable operations of fleets of UAS with the vision of reducing manpower, improving safety, and vastly improving performance over traditional UAS operations. The Hive enables new capabilities not available to tethered or ground launched UAS systems. The Hive Expedition and Hive-XL are fully automated UAS fleet management platforms that support multiple drones and provide automated launch, recovery, recharging capability, data download, precision landing, and storage.

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