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05 Sep 2023

Record Purchases of the Polish Ministry of Defence signed this week announced

Record Purchases of the Polish Ministry of Defence signed this week announced
Originally posted on Defence24

The Ministry of National Defense has informed about the armaments contracts planned to be signed this week. These include contracts for elements of the second phase of the Wisła program, as well as a contract for two Naval Missile Units.

In a press release, the Ministry of Defense has revealed, among other things, what contracts for the supply of military equipment are to be signed during this year's MSPO fair. Their catalog is not closed, yet there are already very ambitious announcements.

"Contracts for the supply of military equipment will cover i.a. contracts for the acquisition of elements of 3 squadrons, i.e. 6 more batteries, of the PATRIOT/IBCS system as part of the implementation of the second phase of the WISŁA program; a contract for two more Naval Missile Units; an agreement for the ZENIT-MP+ Automated Command Post dedicated to the PILICA+ systems and a framework agreement for the FlyEye unmanned aerial vehicles." - Ministry of Defence

As can be seen, three out of four contracts concern missile systems or their components. The first is the expected contract for the supply of elements of the Wisła system, i.e. 48 M903 launchers, 644 PAC-3 MSE missiles and 12 LTAMDS radars along with additional equipment. This equipment, supplemented with elements of the IBCS system (ordered under a separate procedure, with the new launchers, missiles and radars being of course integrated with IBCS) and components purchased from the domestic industry, will allow for full equipment with the planned elements of the Wisła air defense system. The program includes a total of 8 batteries, of which two - with sector radars - have already been delivered. Now they will be joined by another six, with newer, omnidirectional ones.

These elements will constitute the equipment of the "upper floor" of Polish air defense, ensuring a sharp increase in combat capabilities (in fact, obtaining completely new capabilities, such as combating ballistic and aeroballistic missiles, and cooperation based on IBCS). This process has already started in 2018, under the contract for the first Wisła squadron, for USD 4.75 million, but now it is gaining momentum. It also must be mentioned that Mariusz Błaszczak, the head of the Ministry of National Defence, announced that an application for the acquisition of the Wisła system for the second phase had been sent to the USA during last year's Defence24 DAY conference in May 2022 .

Another "anti-aircraft" contract will also be signed in Kielce, concerning the Zenit-MP command systems for the acquired Pilica+ anti-aircraft systems, which are used to protect the Wisła battery. This will be the last contract for the supply of the first configuration of Pilica+ sets (previously, Bystra radars, CAMM launchers and missiles, as well as artillery and missile sets with command and support elements were purchased ).

The third "missile" contract will concern the equipment of as many as two Naval Missile Units. Therefore, a significant number of launchers with NSM missiles, Polish radars and command and support systems will be ordered. This will increase the Navy's ability to engage land targets at distances of over 200 km.

Poland had previously purchased two Coastal Missile Squadron systems (NDR). The first NDR was purchased in 2008 and delivered in 2012, while the second one - for PLN 800 million - was ordered in 2014 and delivered in 2017. Both formed the Maritime Missile Unit, while current information from the Ministry of National Defense indicates that its potential will be multiplied. was the first to inform about the plan to purchase a significant number of NDR system elements in April this year . On the other hand, in June reported on advanced negotiations with Ukraine regarding the acquisition of elements of the NDR system from Poland .

The last of the contracts mentioned in the Ministry of National Defense communication is a framework contract for the purchase of the FlyEye system, produced by the WB Group. These unmanned aerial vehicles are already used by the Special Forces, Missile and Artillery Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces. They collect very good opinions, not only in Poland but also in Ukraine, where they are intensively used in combat, also in conditions of strong enemy influence and in cooperation with systems such as HIMARS. Let us hope that the framework agreement will be followed by contracts for the purchase and supply of equipment.

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