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13 Dec 2022

RAF Augments Strategic Foresight with AI Technology

RAF Augments Strategic Foresight with AI Technology
Originally posted on DefenseAdvancement

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is investigating whether it can leverage Adarga’s powerful AI capabilities to accelerate and enhance research on possible events, trends and threats that could impact the UK forces over the next 20-30 years.  

This forms part of an innovative experiment in the ‘futures’ field of academic research that supports critical strategic planning – led by the Air Staff Strategy Team with support from RAF Astra.  

Adarga believes being ready to face the threats and challenges of the future is fundamental to remaining competitive. Foresight is developed by being able to identify emerging trends, patterns and changing sentiments – yet the exponential increase in global information is making it increasingly difficult to uncover these valuable insights. 

To address this challenge, the RAF is experimenting with the deployment of Adarga technology to help cut through the noise of global open-source data. Advanced information extraction and summarization tools enable sophisticated interrogation of a significantly wider breadth of sources, accelerating the discovery of insights and connections. Automated translation provides access to global information 24/7, uncovering a diverse range of perspectives instantaneously.

The RAF will also be trialing Adarga’s software which detects indicators of future trends and events. This novel application of AI seeks to enhance strategic foresight so the RAF can more rapidly identify risks and opportunities that could inform its future direction. 

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