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07 May 2024

EU hosts defence forum to rally Europe's military industry behind Ukraine: Euronews

EU hosts defence forum to rally Europe's military industry behind Ukraine: Euronews
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Originally posted on Euronews

The defence industry forum was held in Brussels to discuss cooperation and increase ammunition production for Kyiv in response to Russia's ongoing aggression.

The European Union hosted a defence industry forum on Monday in a bid to find new ways to supply Kiyv with much-needed weapons and ammunition.

Some 140 firms from 25 countries attended the event in Brussels, which was meant to link Ukraine's defence industry with those of the EU.

Industry representatives met to discuss how Ukraine's industry capacity for defence production could be better matched with that of Europe.

They also discussed how Ukrainian firms could amp up production and meet the country's needs at home. This would minimise transportation costs and allow the tools to be produced where they are needed.

“We produce in Europe, but we should be able to produce in [Ukrainian] territory,”  High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said, “in order to save costs, to reduce delivery times and be closer to [Ukrainian] needs.”

Supplying Ukraine's forces has proven to be a difficult task for the country's allies. More than two years into Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has repeatedly targeted Kyiv's industrial capacities as one of its primary targets in a bid to weaken its resistance.

“Our goal is to find extra funding for procuring from Ukrainian defence industry for Ukrainian armed forces,” said Ukrainian Minister for Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin. “That’s the fastest way we can help the frontline,” he added.

The news follows a proposal for a European Defence Industrial Strategy. The strategy aims to prepare defence industrial readiness within the EU following the return of high-intensity conflict to the continent.

The plan also proposed €1.5 billion in funding to prepare the European defence industry, aiming to make the EU safer and benefit key allies, including NATO and Ukraine.

This is the first time the EU is hosting the forum. It was initially held in Ukraine in 2022, followed by the US the following year.

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