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05 Jan 2023

Egyptian Air Force Upgrades Chinook Fleet with New F-Model Aircraft

Egyptian Air Force Upgrades Chinook Fleet with New F-Model Aircraft
Originally posted on DefenseAdvancement

Boeing has received a US Army $426 million foreign military sale contract for the production and delivery of 12 new CH-47F Chinooks for the Egyptian Air Force. 

As a result, Egypt will replace its fleet of CH-47D aircraft with the modern F model, and benefit from its advanced multi-mission capabilities.

The CH-47F is an advanced multi-mission helicopter for the US Army and international defense forces. It contains a fully integrated, digital cockpit management system, Common Avionics Architecture System cockpit and advanced cargo-handling capabilities complementing the aircraft’s mission performance and handling characteristics.

“The F-model aircraft will enhance Egypt’s Chinook capabilities and help effectively accomplish its heavy-lift objectives,” said Ken Eland, vice president and H-47 program manager. “Boeing’s partnership with the Egyptian Air Force remains strong as we continue to work together to modernize their fleet.”

“Boeing is committed to supporting the defense modernization mission of the Egyptian armed forces and ensuring the best capability for Egypt’s national defense and security,” said Vince Logsdon, vice president, Boeing International Business Development.

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