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18 Jan 2024

Digital defence transformation boosted by £150 million UK contract

Digital defence transformation boosted by £150 million UK contract
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UK Ministry of Defence Press Release

Digital services across Defence will be transformed in a £150 million contract awarded to UK-based technology services provider, Computacenter.

  • UK-based technology services provider Computacenter awarded four-year contract.
  • Contract expected to reduce current costs by around 64% (£84m).
  • Covering over 220,000 devices in use by MOD personnel worldwide.

The four-year contract will support tens of thousands of laptops and desktop computers used by MOD personnel worldwide, from head office to the front line, as well as creating additional jobs at Computacenter’s Hatfield and Nottingham sites.  

Reducing operating costs by around £84 million, the new services will provide a high-quality, secure and sustainable service to defence personnel, enabling defence to more rapidly respond to changing needs and market conditions.   

The contract represents a wider MOD move away from large, aggregated contracts to smaller, more measurable contracts that will improve organisational flexibility.  

Defence Digital’s improvement programme is a priority for the MOD, and we are investing over £4 billion annually in our digital transformation, to streamline the MOD’s processes and increase our operational capability.  

Minister for Defence Procurement, James Cartlidge, said:

"Delivering on our digital transformation will ensure high-quality, rapidly accessible global data, which is a critical component of our fighting power. Bolstered technology can strengthen our deterrence, our resilience, and our national prosperity. 

"The service will improve performance standards and speed of access across 220,000 devices including laptops, desktops, peripherals and software applications."

MOD Chief Information Officer, Charles Forte, said:  

"This new relationship is a significant component in our ongoing progress to bring new business into the team and ensures we are modernising and innovating in support of our international customers to deliver greater value for money."


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