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11 Oct 2022

British troops train in the United States

British troops train in the United States
Image: Crown Copyright 2022
Originally posted on UK Defence Journal
Reservists from 2nd Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment and 7th Battalion, The Rifles have completed two-weeks training with the Michigan National Guard in the USA as part of the annual camp with NATO partners.

The British Army say here that the two-week annual camp is an ideal opportunity to get in some vital training with reservists from other NATO partner countries such as Estonia and Latvia and a good test of the interoperability and cooperation that is the backbone of NATO.

“The training has taken in all aspects of soldiering from field-craft, public order training to planning and executing an attack. The terrain within the training area is tough and varied, from forested areas where the reservists make the base camps – or ‘harbours’ – to purpose-built structures and areas where they can practice attacking a dug-in enemy force; Camp Grayling has it all.

Once away from the main accommodation and administration blocks getting around the training area can be tricky. Four-wheeled vehicles and Black Hawk helicopters proved invaluable resource to multinational reservists training in these fields.”

Brigadier Carl Boswell, Commander of the 20th Armoured Brigade Combat team who was over visiting with the reservists. said:

“This is an opportunity to really come and hone their skills as infantry soldiers, but also being here in America it’s an opportunity to practice working together, both human and procedural, with and alongside our key allies.”

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