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05 Oct 2022

British Army virtual EXPO brings Future Soldier to life

British Army virtual EXPO brings Future Soldier to life
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Originally posted on British Army News

The British Army brought its Future Soldier transformation programme to life recently when it held the Army EXPO 22 on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire and will follow that event with a launch of a virtual Expo that will be accessible to everyone.

Following his keynote speech at the Royal United Services Institute Land Warfare Conference in June this year, Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC Gen spoke of Operation Mobilise, an acceleration of the most important parts of Future Soldier’s bold modernisation agenda.

In what was the successor to the Army Combat Power Demonstration and through a series of exciting, dynamic and immersive stands, the Army demonstrated its commitment to delivering Defence outputs across the Globe and enhancing its readiness to meet threats at home and abroad

Attendees saw how the Army integrates across land, air, sea and space, how cyber helps us achieve operational advantage, and how it can PROTECT, ENGAGE, CONSTRAIN and WARFIGHT in the modern, digitised age. They were shown the vision of a modern British Army that is fit for the challenges of the future and adjusting under Op Mobilise to meet the targets it will be set in the NATO New Force Model and continue to be ready to fight and win wars on Land.

As the attendance at the Army Expo was limited because of the nature of the event, a virtual Expo is being launched to ensure that the excellent content that the attendees experienced is available to a much wider audience.  

General Sir Patrick Sanders said:

“The Army’s purpose is to protect the United Kingdom by being ready to fight and win wars on land. To do this effectively we need to mobilise and modernise our land forces to keep pace with our adversaries and support our allies - particularly in NATO. This has been brought into sharp focus with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its wider threat to the UK and European security – arguably the single most significant threat that has faced our nation since the end of the Cold War”. 

Future Soldier is the Army’s plan to transform and modernise by 2030 and the virtual Expo will continue to bring Future Soldier to life. It will show Future Soldier in action, presented within Defence’s Integrated Operating Concept (IOpC), highlighting the breadth of the Army’s contribution to Defence as part of the PROTECT, ENGAGE, CONSTRAIN and WARFIGHT pillars.

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