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15 Dec 2022

US Army Invests $886M in Battlespace ISR Capabilities

US Army Invests $886M in Battlespace ISR Capabilities
Photo: US Army
Originally posted on The Defence Post

The US Army has contracted American technology firm L3Harris to support its battlespace intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Valued at $886 million, the agreement would see the company provide network design enhancements for aerial and ground-based communications.

It will also improve the army’s datalink architecture and provide lifecycle management support.

According to L3Harris, modernizing the US Army’s ISR capabilities would allow for timely decision-making during challenging operational scenarios.

It would also provide improved protection to military datalinks and smart networks.

“These links will deliver resilient, fast, and discrete multi-domain communications across the globe,” company official Brendan O’Connell said.

“As a provider of Army aerial ISR, ground line-of-sight and satellite communications terminal solutions for over 40 years, we look forward to continuing to build on this legacy of providing timely, relevant solutions that meet the expanding needs of our customers.”

ISR Investments

The $886-million contract is one of the largest US Army investments in bolstering its ISR capabilities.

Last year, the service awarded Raytheon a contract for $17.5 million to provide improved Mode 5 and ADS-B surveillance capabilities.

The deal will reportedly support the army’s Identification Friend or Foe technologies to better identify enemy assets as friendly, enemy, or neutral.

The US Army has also sought to integrate an intelligence platform into its next-generation squad weapons to enhance their performance.

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