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28 Mar 2024

US allocates $228m to Baltic security: LRT

US allocates $228m to Baltic security: LRT
Lithuanian Ministry of Defence
Originally posted on LRT - Lithuanian Radio and Television

The United States has allocated 228 million US dollars for security assistance to the Baltic states, and Lithuania will get a third of this amount, Lithuania’s Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the US Congress passed a government funding bill that includes the aid. Lithuania will get funding to strengthen its armed forces’ critical capabilities, such as air defence, maritime surveillance, ammunition, and a regional long-range artillery capability.

“The US is a strategic partner of Lithuania and one of the key allies for the security of the Baltic region. The Americans are very actively involved in the implementation of security measures in the Baltic states, strengthening regional security and stability,” Defence Minister Laurynas Kasčiūnas was quoted in the statement.

According to the Defence Ministry, last year the US provided around 200 million US dollars in support to Lithuania alone through various funding mechanisms, including security assistance to the Baltic states.

In recent years, agreements have been concluded with the Americans on the purchase of HIMARS artillery systems and AMRAAM missiles, and Lithuania is also buying 500 JLTV armoured all-terrain vehicles, four Black Hawk helicopters, Switchblade drones, Javelin anti-tank missile systems, and communications equipment from the US.

Since 2019, rotating US army battalions have been serving continuously in Lithuania.

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