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Ukraine’s Race for Ammunition as Russia Ramps up Production


Ukrainian forces are running critically low on munitions and artillery as it fends off Russian troops. It’s a particularly perilous time -the top general for US forces in Europe said during a testimony in Congress that Ukraine will be outgunned 10 to 1 by Russia within weeks. The assessment by Army General Christopher Cavoli comes as Congress has stalled on approving sending more ammunition and weapons to Kyiv. 

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, Moscow has been relying on artillery to make significant advances on the frontlines while simultaneously launching missiles and drones attacks to destroy civilian infrastructure around Ukraine. 

It appears Russia is now on course to manufacture nearly three times more artillery munitions than the US and Europe, according to a CNN report citing European intelligence sources. 

Defence Leaders spoke with Dr.Phillip Petersen, from the New Generation Warfare Centre on his predictions in the war in Ukraine during Future Land Forces in Warsaw, Poland.

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