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Vikela Armour

Vikela is changing the traditional 2D manufacture and design of composites into a world of 3D thinking. We use our patent pending 3D printing technology to create composites with a philosophy based on human-centred design. 

The first application of our technology is a stab proof vest, which will address the current problems of heavy, uncomfortable armour. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce armour that is stronger, lighter, and more flexible than other products on the market. We can offer bespoke fit as well as replacement plates that will work with existing equipment used. We are also addressing the problem that female armour has been designed to withstand 40% less force than men’s armour. We will use our innovative manufacturing process to create flexible armour that will contour to the body shape of female personnel, while providing improved protection which is currently lacking. Vikela’s products are also fully recyclable in-house, with more than 97% less carbon emissions than traditional body armour manufacturing. 


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19a Station Street
United Kingdom
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