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Prime Design Sweden AB

Prime Design Sweden Presents Baselight: The Ultimate Portable and Versatile Area Lighting Solution

Introducing Baselight from Prime Design Sweden, your definitive companion for portable area lighting. With its impressive luminosity ranging from 45,000 to 95,000 lumens and a lightweight design starting at 33 kg, Baselight is engineered for optimal flexibility and efficiency. Easily deployed by a single operator in under a minute, it's ideal for:

-Temporary Camps & Maintenance Areas

-Harbour Operations

-Border & Coastal Security

Baselight's versatility is unmatched, offering power options via the grid, generators, advanced lithium batteries, or our innovative solar panels, ensuring reliable illumination in any situation. Our 2kWh lithium battery is the perfect off-grid accessory, further enhancing Baselight's adaptability.

Trusted by NATO members and with the US Military as our primary client, we invite you to discover how Baselight can light up your operations. Visit us at our booth for a demonstration.

Welcome to the future of sustainable and efficient portable lighting with Prime Design Sweden.


Finlandsgatan 48
Finlandsgatan 48
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