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Podtown is the manufacturer of Flexipod. A rapid deployable, robust field accommodation system for the Special Forces.

The Flexipod is designed with the tenets of modularity, self-sufficiency, and adaptability. It represents our commitment to supporting the demanding conditions faced by special operations units, with the capability to serve as everything from a command centre to a communal resting area. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of military applications, ensuring that our forces are well-equipped wherever their mission takes them.

Our dedication to engineering excellence has transcended national borders, and we are honored that the British Army has adopted this innovation to meet its complex operational requirements. Our collaboration with the British Army and their industry partner, Landmarc, has been remarkable. Landmarc's invaluable expertise in managing the UK Defence Training Estate has been instrumental in refining the Flexipod's design to meet the bespoke needs of the British forces. Our partnership is a powerful testament to the shared ethos of innovation and excellence in the defence sector.


Grieg Gaarden
C.Sundtsgate 17/19

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