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Pathfinder Systems Inc

Pathfinder Systems 

Proven performance at the leading edge of software and systems engineering, technology, research and development.


Pathfinder Systems designs, builds and supports networked simulators for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.  Our trainers provide initial training and continued proficiency to crew chiefs, gunners, loadmasters and maintenance personnel. Our clients include the United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Flight Safety Int and others. 


Pathfinder exploits the electro-optical and infrared spectrum in our remote sensing technology and the area of sensor fusion.  Specifically; detection and targeting of stealthy aircraft and UAVs. PSI’s physics-based approach integrates aerodynamic modeling with deep learning and has a provisional patent.


Artificial Intelligence

Pathfinder Systems was an early innovator in the field of artificial intelligence, and has used AI for route planning, image recognition, and simulation and training, among other applications. Our continuing IR&D program focuses on developing new technologies to support the DoD & aerospace industry


12567 W. Cedar Dr.
Suite 150
United States
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