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One Network Enterprises

One Network Enterprises, Inc. (ONE) is the leading global provider of intelligent control towers and the Digital Supply Chain Network™.  The NEO Defence Enterprise Solution is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system uniquely designed for international defence organizations and military operations around the world.  Powered by ONE's NEO platform, the solution optimizes and combines logistical support across all military groups, supply classes, and operational tiers.   It ensures that no existing system is siloed and no IT investment is wasted while modernizing for readiness.  It is the only enterprise solution that supports true disconnected/D-DIL operations, ashore and afloat.  It natively supports key defence capabilities such as management of munitions and guided weapons, food service, bulk fuels, medical supplies, and sparing across supply, transportation, and maintenance functions.    The NEO Defence Enterprise Solution Integrates easily with legacy environments and opens collaboration opportunities with your mission partners.  Your implementation eliminates custom code and allows you to deploy the way you (want to) operate (rather than being stuck with out-of-the-box capabilities), and your implementation never goes legacy.  Commercial innovations are always available.  Join a worldwide Defence ecosystem today.




One Network Enterprises
4055 Valley View Lane
Suite 1000
United States
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