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Metravib Defence

In more than 30 years, Metravib Defence has acquired unique expertise in acoustics and vibrations and in-depth understanding of the needs of the military sector. 

All over the world, Metravib Defence provides defense and civil security actors with effective solutions for monitoring, detecting and locating threats. The systems developed by Metravib Defence use the sound waves generated by the firing of arms to detect and accurately identify their location in real time. Thus, Metravib Defence helps to provide improved protection for personnel, permanent installations and mobile bases in hostile territory.

Our Combat Proven solutions are in more than 30 countries and are both certified ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001.

With 30 years of experience alongside the armed forces in over 25 countries, Metravib Defence is a trusted global brand and a recognized leader in the defense industry. Metravib Defence has acquired a unique mastery of vibration and acoustic phenomena as well as in-depth knowledge of the military field.

As a trusted partner and data fusion solution provider, Metravib Defence offers interoperable AI-powered sensors for self-protection across different platforms. Metravib Defence maximizes information enhancement and digitization of the battlefield, enabling its customers to make informed decisions based on accurate critical data to improve their operational capabilities and enter the era of collaborative combat.


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