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Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc

Welcome to GDH 2023. Liquid Measurement Systems (LMS) is excited to be here to support Robertson Fuel Systems (Robbie Tanks). Come by and chat with us at the Robertson Fuel Systems booth #6.

LMS  designs, qualifies and manufactures fuel measurement systems for rotorcraft, fixed wing and hybrid electric aircraft. Our lightweight graphite carbon composite fuel probes, configurable signal conditioners and alpha-numeric refuel panel displays provide a robust, reliable and lightweight solution for defence and commercial applications. 

Proven Rotorcraft Applications Include

  • Apache
  • Chinook
  • Blackhawk
  • MD Helicopters 500 Series
  • AH6i
  • AH-1Z
  • UH-1Y
  • Robbie Tanks
  • Other auxiliary fuel applications

Design and Qualification Capabilities

  • In-house design and engineering services
  • DO160, DO178 and SFAR 88 Compliance
  • AC 25.981, Prevention of Ignition Sources
  • System Accuracy MIL-G-26988C Class I, II or III
  • Robust and Proven Program Management Processes

Stop by and see us at the Robertson Fuel Systems booth #6

For more information or to set up a meeting contact - 

or call (802) 578 3288




































































































141 Morse Drive
United States
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