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LANCO Group GmbH is a globally recognized manufacturer of specialized shelters and solutions for civil defense, military, and humanitarian aid applications. Our products are trusted by fire departments, rescue services, aid organizations, and the military worldwide, providing protection from harsh weather conditions and CBRN threats. LANCO's comprehensive portfolio encompasses shelters, decontamination systems, and water management solutions, engineered to meet the most demanding operational requirements.

Rapid Deployment Shelters

Inftalable Tents

  • Low-pressure tents for short and medium term deployments.
  • High-pressure for long term deployments in harsh environments.

Rigid Frame Tents

  • Aluminum frame tents
  • Half-barrel tents
  • Folding tents
  • Exoskeleton tents

COLPRO shelters

  • Integrated COLPRO systems manufactured according to customer specification with efficient, rapid setup and operation in focus.

Decontamination Systems

  • Personal decontamination showers
  • Mass decontamination systems
  • Water management equipment
  • Flexible tanks for water supply and waste water management.

Clear Span Structures

Our aluminum hangars are robust and versatile structures designed for a wide range of applications, including aircraft storage, industrial equipment protection, and material storage. Its durable construction and corrosion resistant materials make it ideal for enduring harsh weather conditions and prolonged use.


As a company dedicated to meeting our clients' needs, even in the most demanding circumstances, we take pride in offering these additional services to support critical missions and operations. With our expertise and experience, you can trust LANCO to be your reliable partner when it matters most.

  • Consolidation

We kit shelters and their associated accessories, such as sunroofs, inner liners, lights, HVACs, and heaters in specialized metal cages or racks.

  • Textile washing and repairs
  • Services for crisis situations like sourcing, quality checks, shipment coordination in challenging environments and charter arrangements for swift deliveries.
  • Training and setup services

We offer hands-on training sessions tailored to specific shelter models, complete camp setup services, as well as turnkey setup for clear span structures.

  • Climate control and lighting solutions precisely calculated for optimal indoor environments.

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