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KIHOMAC, Inc.  A high-technical content manufacturing firm; core competencies include aerospace metals, specialty composites and combinations (e.g. honeycomb bonded structures for aircraft). KIHOMAC is an aerospace-centric company (with both DoD & Commercial products). New, non-aerospace products are in the company's design/development/test/qualification pipeline (e.g., Body Armor products, for law enforcement & military applications). KIHOMAC has reverse engineering & engineering capability (structural/electrical/mechanical/electro-mechanical) & rapid prototyping and low, to high-rate, production capability of complex aerospace structures/products. The company Has software development, integration, fielding, training, & support experience (e.g., Mission Planning System for AT-6C trainer/light-attack aircraft). KIHOMAC has significant electrical/electronic and electro-mechanical capability and experience (with USAF); e.g., C-5 Electronic Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS). Current/mature Products include the MH-60S Crew-Chief/Gunner Seat (for H-60 series helicopters); the Ogden Data Device Ethernet Crypto (ODD-EC), for F-16/F-22/C-130 aircraft; personnel body armor; Mission Planning System (MPS), for the T-6C trainer/light attack aircraft; Vertical/Horizontal & Tail flight-surfaces (i.e. "skins") for the F-16 aircraft; parts/assemblies for various aircraft, including the F-22 Raptor (e.g. landing gear brace); electronic/electrical harnesses for the C-5 aircraft. Services include technical/engineering/programmatic support to program/project offices/activities (USAF, USN), including Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages (DMSMS) for the USAF (Service wide, all three Air Logistics Centers); reverse engineering and creation of complete technical data packages; SW, hardware, & systems engineering.        


12030 Sunrise Valley Dr
Ste. 320
United States
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