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HIPPO Multipower

The Hippo HAWC is a hybrid electric drive all terrain vehicle. Capable of being crewed or uncrewed. In uncrewed mode it can be operated by remote and/or autonomous control; removing a human from harm's way in high risk environments. With a payload of over 1000 kg (and the ability to tow a 2000 kg trailer), the HAWC can be configured for multiple mission payloads including resupply, casualty evacuation, power generation and fire fighting. With extreme cross country performance the HAWC can deliver vital supplies and equipment where traditional vehicles cannot reach. 

The Hippo Complete Power Solution (CPS) is in service with the US Army. It provides engineers with all the power they need; electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and welding tool circuits, all from a single unit. The CPS contains its own diesel motor allowing it to be ground, trailer or truck mounted. It can be supplied with a dive kit, providing engineering power underwater.

The Ranger Hippo and Hippo Pro XD combine the power options of the CPS with the mobility of the Polaris family of UTV. The Hippo unit draws its power directly from the Polaris diesel engine. 




Hippo Multipower HQ
3600 Fibreglass Road
Kansas City
United States
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