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COSE & DESMAN are high technology SMEs, first-tier supplier of government agencies and major groups in the aeronautics and defense sector. COSE & DESMAN develop, produce, integrates and supports their aerial observation and reconnaissance camera systems, rifles and machine-gun mounts, laser pointers designators, illuminators and other on-board equipment deployed in operational environments for 5 to 20 years. We provide helicopters integration, maintenance, and training. Supplies can be handled through NATO services.

Our main products are:

  • COSE-STRIKE is a stabilized mount for snipers on Helicopter supporting Riffle up to .50BGM CALIBER.
  • COSE-CAMELEON are very wide field, ultra-high resolution aerial reconnaissance cameras that can enhance and replace satellite means.
  • DESMAN laser pointers and pointer/illuminator are available with a turret mount for Airbus TIGER and Gazelle helicopters.
  • DESMAN laser pointers are also available for glove-mounted manual operations.

All these systems are in operation for many years with French and other country SOF.


5 bis route de Saint Leu
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