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BR International Consulting Services

BR International Consulting Services offers full service for military rail transports. We cover everything from planning and organizing the trains, all the way to the unloading of the military equipment at the final destination.

Depending on the type and amount of the military equipment that shall be transported (Unit list / MUDL list), we determine the correct type and amount of the required rail cars as well as the required blocking and bracing material that are necessary for this transport.

After the plan is made, we are able to order the train(s) according to the provided MUDL list.

At the day when the train gets loaded, our experts are on site in order ensure a smooth loading process. They coordinate all the parties involved (armed forces, railway company, crane company, etc.), provide advice if needed (eg in case of unforeseen events), provide all the necessary lashing material and also provide the manpower to apply the lashing material (performance of the blocking and bracing). Our experienced rail experts are available all over Europe and therefore can support all loading and unloading operations personally on site.

When the transport arrives at its final destination, we are already there to remove the lashing material in order to enable the unloading process. The lashing material is then either handed over to the customer, or it can also be stored in our warehouse free of charge to be ready for the next rail transport of that specific costumer.

All our trains come with guaranteed success, meaning that if there is any problem along the route, we go there immediately and fix it free of charge.


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