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The Acrow Group

The Acrow Group has been serving the transportation and construction industries for more than 70 years with a wide range of modular steel bridging solutions for permanent, temporary, military and emergency use. 
The Group provides proven mission critical support through the provision of high-quality, durable Line of Communication Bridges for both wet and dry gap applications. Engineered for heavy loads up to Military Load Class (MLC) 120T / 150W, our bridging solutions are made from high-strength, prefabricated modular components which can be rapidly mobilized, allowing for accelerated bridge construction using minimal equipment and no on-site welding. 
Whether your mission is strategic or humanitarian, Acrow’s solutions are an essential military capability, ideal for addressing time-sensitive critical infrastructure needs, wherever in the world they are required. 
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181 New Road - Suite 202
New Jersey
United States
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