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3D Perception AS

  • | Global Defence Helicopter

3D perception provides seamless, immersive simulation visual display systems for land, sea, air, and space applications. 

Serving worldwide defense and aerospace customers since 1997 with an international force of engineers, installers, project managers, and support staff, 3D perception ensures seamless focused performance

3D perception’s Northstar™ ecosystem of connected technologies ensure system uptime and dependable quality. Northstar displays feature the world’s fastest and most precise multi-projector automatic alignment and calibration, unmatched image quality at all scenario day times, and the ease of a centralized software user interface for ease of operation and maintenance. Available as domain optimized turn-key systems, and ideal for technology refreshes, Northstar’s bring-your-own Image Generator, projector-independent, and camera-free architecture provides for optimal flexibility and simulator futureproofing.  

3D perception has a proven track record of ensuring performance and quality from design to installation and support throughout the system’s life cycle. With main offices in the United States and Norway, and sales and support branches in the UK, Asia, and the Middle East, 3D perception is the established global industry leader. 


3D perception AS
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